About Me

Hello, I am Soumya. I live in North Carolina with my husband and two darling sons. 

I was born and bought up in Hyderabad, India and was never away from my family till i had to come onsite on work. So the cooking i knew till then was the authentic andhra food that my mom made. I always loved my moms cooking and learnt the basic cooking from her, but when i first came to US on work, i had room mates from different states of India. So that was the beginning of learning something new in cooking.
I remember the day when i first met my husband before wedding. He told me that he cooks so well and that all his friends loved his cooking. That got me worried and i started to think if i can satisfy him with the little bit of cooking i new.But he was very co-operative and patient enough and always appreciated my cooking. That made me want to learn more.We were bought up with a different cooking style and it took lot of trial and error to come to a common ground. My parents never used garlic nor much spice, but my in laws used a lot of spice and garlic. But strangely i fell in love with my mom-in-laws cooking too despite the fact that my mom and mom-in-law had a complete opposite style of cooking.

It was fun in those days, both me and my husband trying out dishes after coming back from work and experimenting new recipes.And then when we came to US after having the first kid, i took a break from my IT job and expanded my cooking horizon and started spending sometime on my hobbies crochet and art.Every day is a learning in the kitchen department finding different combinations,tastes,cuisines,look of the dishes to fill those little tummies(2 boys) and the big belly of my husband. Also the pot lucks force us to learn something new everytime.

When our older one was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes in 2016 everything came to a halt. Doctors said his body is not producing insulin at all and he has to get insulin from outside for everything he eats. The carbs have to be calculated to dose his insulin…there were big formulas to keep him alive.I felt like his survival was in my hands. I did not know what to cook anymore, what to feed him, what not to feed him. It was a struggle and overwhelming learning all that stuff. Though there were a lot of videos and help on the internet that teach all this stuff, i could not find one place that gave me all the information i needed.

Because i had a habit of cooking everything from the scratch for every meal, i was only cooking the entire day because i had to track down the ingredients, their nutritional values, figure out these for the whole recipe and also calculate the same for what he eats and dose his insulin. I had many months of sleepless nights figuring out this stuff. That is when i decided and made my own recipe book which tells me what the nutritional facts of each ingredient and the total recipe.
Also during this learning i figured out some alternate solutions for the recipe that have a better blood glucose control on my son. This guide really made my life almost close to the normal life i had before his diagnosis.So i decided to create “nutrikitchen”  as a one place with the cooking information needed for a type1 diabetic and anyone who wants to control what they are eating. 

Please reach out to me @nutrikitchen.cooking@gmail.com if you have a request for any recipe to be added or any queries about the recipes.


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